Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 17, 2006 Show of Melva's Musings on Jazz on WCOM, every Sunday night from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. You can hear WCOM shows on the web at www.communityradio.coop.

I missed doing my show for the last two Sundays because I had the good fortune to go with a group of artists to the Chateau du Pin near Angers, France for an exciting time of being in the artist's way. Art instruction was provided by the textile artist, Peg Gignoux. Five course scumpious French meals were cooked daily by David Summer, Peg's husband, and owner of the Framer's Corner in Carrboro, NC. David is the underwriter of my radio show. In a small group of ten, we worked on bookmaking projects, walked across the several hundred acre property of the Chateau, which dates back to the early 1300s, and rode bikes through the countryside and small villages of the Loire Valley. The Chateau is famous for it's fabulous gardens. I want to thank William Vizuete for covering my show during my leave.

This week I played music by many of the artists who will be performing and donating their time at the Carrboro Music Festival. The Festival is this coming Sunday, Sept. 24th and involves hundreds of musicians and thousands of fans who come to enjoy the ecclectic mix of music.

I also promoted the Car Free Day; which is this Friday, September 22nd. People are encouraged to travel either car free or car lite and can register for prizes by committing in advance to their participation. I'll be riding my bike - please join me.

Molly stopped by to bring me a piece of her birthday cake. She often helps me in the studio as either an announcer or 'weather girl' or to report on events going on in town for ten, now eleven, year olds. It was a great chocolate cake with mocha icing from the fabulous bakery at Weaver St. Market in Carrboro, NC.

Play List for Melva's Musings on Jazz - Sept. 17th, 2006 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. on WCOM
  • Nina Simone (from Tryon, NC); Anthology CD; I Wish I Knew How it Felt to be Free (theme song for my show)
  • Spyro Gyra; Modern Jazz - Songs of the Beatles CD; In My Life
  • Chick Corea; My Spanish Heart CD; Armando's Rhumba. Chick Corea will be performing in Chapel Hill at the UNC Memorial Hall on October 14th on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Louis Armstonrg & Duke Ellington; Sessions CD; It Don't Mean a Thing
  • Scott Warner (lived in Chapel Hill and taught at UNC-CH for ten years); Wild Man Blues CD; Pine Apple Rag
  • Dizzy Gillespie (went to high school in Laurinburg, NC); Dizzier & Dizzier CD; You stole My Wife, You Horse Thief
  • Lou Sawyer (lives in Durham, NC); Jazzadelia CD; Like Someone in Love
  • Paul Tardif (lives in Greenville, NC); Points of Departure CD; The Peacocks
  • Brother Yusef Salim (lives in Durham, NC); Yusef's Songs CD; A Hymn For Us All
  • Mary Lou Williams (taught at Duke University and Mary Lou Williams Jazz Center); My Mama Pinned a Rose on Me CD; What's Your Story Morning Glory. I find that I rarely hear the wonderful playing of Ms. Williams music on the various jazz stations across the nation. I don't know why - she is ranked as one of the best jazz piano players ever.
  • Frankie Alexander (Durham, NC) & Scott Warner; Feeling Like Someone in Love
  • Dave Youngman Quintet (live in NC); Usual Suspects CD; Song For My Father
  • Tony Galiani (Carrboro, NC) & Greg Brink; Duo; No Greater Love
  • The Bradshaw Quartet (from NC); How High the Moon
  • Robert Griffin (Carrboro, NC); NC: A State of Music; Killing Me Softly
  • Madeleine Peyroux; Careless Love; Dance Me to the End of Love
  • Kevin Van Sant & Ben Palmer (both of Durham, NC); Jazz Duo CD; Boplicity
  • Joao Gilberto (with Grady Tate of Durham NC on drums); Amoroso/Brazil CD; Besame Mucho
  • Billy Taylor (born Greenville, NC); Taylor Made at the Kennedy Center CD; I Wish I Knew How it Felt to be Free - I begin and end my show with surely one of Mr. Taylor's greatest songs ever.