Friday, December 28, 2007

December 23, 2007 Jazzy Santa Performs in the WCOM Studio
A good time was had by all - especially when Santa starting crooning and swiveling his hips to Jingle Bell Rock. Family and friends stopped by to add to the fun; and cookies and drink were served.

I thank the following for coming by the studio to say 'hi' - Joedan and Will, Eli, Chris, Molly and Sadie, Laura, Sima, Renee, and Solomon. Solomon was sweet to have stayed for a full hour after his show, Backbone, which comes on immediately before my show and runs from 5:00 - 7:00. And Renee has now become a regular - and joins me almost every Sunday evening to enjoy the music, and to meet the musicians and others who stop by.

I shared some holiday music but mostly played a fair amount of winter-themed tunes. I enjoyed myself and especially having people stop by to join in and to have my sons come on the air with me to talk about life in NYC and Chicago. Both Will and Joedan were college djs at Wesleyan University. I played music by Nina Simone, Ray Charles & Betty Carter, James Taylor, Ella Fitzgerald, Blind Boys of Alabama with Tom Waits and Mavis Staples, Aaron Neville, Billie Holiday, a Charlie Brown Christmas, music from Beautiful Star, Dean Martin, and Kathy Mattea.

Chris Frank, along with Eli, Molly, and Sadie, all joined me in the studio. Chris is a member of the Red Clay Ramblers and is busily rehearsing for a special New Year's Eve concert they will do with the NC Symphony Orchestra.

Laura, the creator of the Power Up The Peace wreath, came by and took a turn on the exercise bike that powered the lights that lit up the wreath. The wreath is tied with wishes for peace. The wreath hangs on a wall right near the door to the WCOM studio in downtown Carrboro, NC.

As always, I was thankful to have my sons Will and Joedan home for the holidays and joined by first Jenny and then Naomi.

Will Okun's latest blog post in the NY Times is on Gender Disparity.


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